For those of you who have a long stopover in Cleveland or even Pittsburgh, I firmly insist that you check out among the best amusement parks in the world called Cedar Point. Cedar Factor is an amusement park built in the late component of the 19th century. It’s been updated annual over the last century as well as has actually developed right into the terrific park it is today. When I first went there, I was 8 years of ages in 1978 and I loved the area then. Thirty two years later, I can’t take into words how OUTSTANDING it is.

I stayed in Tampa florida for a variety of years and also made good friends with someone that additionally loves theme park. I used to fly back to Tampa bay for lots of small trips each year. Part of that consisted of brows through to Busch Gardens. The location consists of numerous outstanding roller rollercoasters. It was wonderful to discover I had a pal who enjoys roller coasters as high as I do. I encouraged him that if he liked the coasters in Tampa fl so much, he had to go to Cedar Factor. He determined to join me last May.

Well, in spite of the fact that the park is 45 mins from Cleveland, I found out that trying to Non-rev to Cleveland is fairly challenging. With that in mind, I recommended we satisfy in Pittsburgh, invest the night there as well as drive to Cedar Point the next day. We met in Pittsburgh and also I revealed him the best that ‘the burgh’ needs to provide (I’ll clarify on that particular in a later write-up). The following day we made the 2 hr drive to Sandusky where Cedar Factor lies.

Cash Saving Pointer: If you go and also invest the evening, remain at among the resorts had by Cedar Point (either The Hotel Breakers or Sandcastle Suites). They do charge a bit a lot more for their spaces than the chains that lie near, however they’ll offer you 2 free of charge passes to the park (worth about $90) which suggests the hotel only costs around $30. You likewise get to enter the park a hr earlier compared to the rest of the guests.

Cedar Factor is a family-oriented theme park that has something for all family members (live musical shows, kids’s flights, tame flights), yet the park is world-famous for its roller coasters. As a matter of fact, it’s rated as one of the best park on earth due to its AWESOME rollercoasters. Actually, several of their coasters get on the coaster fanatic’s list of the top 10 rollercoasters in the world.

My favored roller rollercoaster is still the Magnum XL-200. It was the very first coaster to break the 200 foot obstacle. It was so well obtained that a brand-new group was produced for it “Super Coaster.” It has no loops to it and was designed as a steel variation of all of the wooden coasters we grew up loving. It’s quickly, high and also fun. It was constructed in 1989 and altered the entire rollercoaster video game.

Following rollercoaster we have the Millenium Force. That rollercoaster was built in 2000 and was the highest and also fastest rollercoaster ever before created when it opened. I love it since it has a pulley system that takes you up to the top of its 320 foot hillside in under 10 seconds. When you’re at the top of that rollercoaster, you have an attractive view of Lake Erie and the bordering location. The very best component is that it is quickly as well as smooth. You go quick, go around several weaves, yet the rollercoaster is not rough as well as you could simply enjoy the extreme speed.

Cedar Factor has much more coasters, but I’ll restrict this post to three. My third is Top Adventure Dragster. “The Dragster” has a hill that’s around 400 foot high. You remain in a train and also it’s propelled by a system that’s utilized to thrust jets off of carrier. You essentially go from 0 to 200 in under 3 seconds. The large power knocks you right into your seat, you quickly feel the g-force and are shot up to the top of that 400 ft hillside immediately. Prior to you have time to capture your breath, you locate on your own at the top of capital. On the plunge down, you spiral down a spiral loop and dive directly down 300 feet. The coaster has a magnetic system that slows it and also eventually quits it. It’s quick and extreme. The only downside is that the ride lasts much less compared to 30 secs, yet it’s the wildest 30 seconds of your life.

Unfortunately, the park is improved Lake Erie as well as goes through extreme Great Lakes winter seasons. When I was a child, the park shut on Labor Day. However, regarding 20 years ago, they chose to do bonus offer weekends called Halloween Weekends. The park is open Friday, Saturday, and also Sundays from the middle of September till completion of October/Halloween. They embellish the park in a Halloween style total with people wearing outfits and also fantastic haunted homes. They do an impressive job of bringing the true spirit of Halloween to its clients. In between the cool, crisp air; the altering leaves and the decors, also the most elderly theme park lover will certainly feel like they’re a kid once more. The water park is shut back then, but the lines are pretty short. Rides you would certainly need to wait 2 hrs to go on during the summer just take 15 to 30 minutes. I’ve been going to the park since 1978, however the Halloween period is now my favorite time to check out the park. As I kind this, the regular season is relaxing, but I hope everybody will take advantage of those reward weekends, I assure you’ll have a blast.